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5 Tips for a Stress-free Wedding: Lessons from Covid

What has Covid taught us about planning a wedding? And what could you do differently when ‘normal’ weddings resumes?

Over the last 6 months Covid-19 has impacted every aspect of our lives, both the big and the small - in serious ways and in every day annoyances. We’ve been forced to cook far more than we ever wanted, it has given us horrendous hair styles and made us only care about the top half of our outfits but the worst part of all… it has stopped us sharing some of the biggest celebrations of life; events that we simply took for granted before.

But there are some things we can learn from it all.... here are 5 tips to help you plan a hassle free and fantastic wedding day!

1. Get insurance

OK, so I am not exactly starting this on the most fun note but if we have learnt anything in recent months it is that wedding insurance is pretty darn important! I say this as someone that got married in 2018 and (stupidly) didn’t give wedding insurance a second thought. But times have changed and it is a must for peace of mind!

2. Work with suppliers that will bend over backwards for you

Over recent months most suppliers: from celebrants to venues, photographers to florists, videographers to cake makers – have worked hard to accommodate new dates, format changes and everything in between. But there are some that have made an already stressful situation that little bit harder.

When you are choosing any supplier for your big day – do your homework and pick those that have great reviews and most importantly that you like and gel with. If the going gets tough you want to know that they will be there for you.

3. Don’t sweat the small stuff

Your wedding day is one of the most important life events you will experience, and it is natural to want to make sure that every detail is perfect. But when Covid-19 hit and the wedding world (like the rest of the world) went into a flat spin people soon realised that the only thing that mattered was having people there to celebrate with you. So when you are planning your day – just remember – it is the people that make the party (and most people are too drunk to remember to take their party favour with them!)

4. Get creative

We’ve all started some pretty obscure hobbies in lockdown (what you haven’t done an adult paint by numbers?) and extensive time with nowhere to go has allowed us to get a little more creative and made us realise what aspects of life we love the most. Don’t forget about this when it comes to your big day – through ceremony readings, music choices, food or décor, weave in all the things that make you the couple you are!

5. Think about the ‘I do’s’

Speaking to so many couples that have had to postpone their big day I heard one thing consistently “I am just so sad we aren’t going to be married yet.” That moment when you say “I do” is one that you will remember forever, so don’t accept anything less than perfection. Plan a ceremony that is personal, full of love and fitting for the commitment that you are making. That is where I can help…so get in touch!


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