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I’m an accredited Humanist Celebrant and I specialise in totally bespoke wedding ceremonies for couples across the Cotswolds and surrounding area.

There’s nothing I love more than a good wedding; the fun, the laughter and of course the love! Being a part of such a significant day and celebrating each couple’s unique journey is a very special privilege.

I like to inject humour and fun into all my ceremonies whilst also celebrating the significant commitment that is being made, seeing guests laugh and shed a few tears is a job well done in my book!

Helen x

P.S A note about social media.... When I first started out in 2017 I found social media really helpful to build my business. These days the majority of my weddings comes from word of mouth and so I have decided to take a break from social media (instagram and facebook). BUT I will be using this website to spotlight the wedding ceremonies I have the pleasure of conducting and share testimonials and photos, so you won't miss out on any content! Promise! 



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